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National Transportation Energy Program


Research, Development, Testing, Evaluation and Implimentation Segments

OBSC is currently divided into multiple Research, Development, Testing and Implimentation business contexts, units or segments.

1.    Advanced Systems and Robotics

Provides superior parallel computational systems engineering (Super Computer) conjunctive of robotics engineering development to identify and separate to the 99th percentile, all Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) at or near a landfill site.  This project or business segment will recover those usable materials and negate their entry into a landfill.

2.    Agriculture

Biomass and renewables production and research focused within the development of a sustainable Agribusiness “frame-work” through training, facilitation and support.  This “frame-work” includes aquaponics, aquaculture, vertical farming in the store, various conservation contexts and deep winter “Pit Greenhouses” development, implementation and support.  OBSC will also provide, free of charge: surplus eggs, vegetables, fruits and meat at no charge to the needy who meet EBT standards, there will be NO charges to their cards, just verification and in some cases, EBT cards will not be required to receive free farm fresh groceries.  This program has already been implemented on a small scale, but lacks funding to expand further.

3.    Automotive

Provides technological break-throughs that allow ICE (Internal Combustion Engine )based motors to utilize ethanol based materials as the “fuel-cell” allowing the reformation into hydrogen, dubbed, “High-2” or H2.  The process leaves a remaining lignin based material that is reformed into a reusable material, dubbed, “Compression eXtreme” or CX for RPE (Reciprocating Piston Engines) based motors, commonly referred to as “Diesel” and continuous combustion turbine, jet or ramjet engines.

4.    Energy and Fuels Recovery

Provides a strategic, tactically deployed framework in which a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill or transfer station operations are developed utilizing OBSC’s stated business segments into a “Bio-Reactor” capable of reforming biologic materials normally recycled or buried into usable transportation energy.  In this, the market would drive which context the operation would select, recycle or transportation energy.

5.    Manufacturing

Where prudent, OBSC shall task Ohio Building Systems and Construction Innovations (OBSCI) with manufacturing a given product once development is at the prototype stage.  One school of thought in this context is “Dial-a-Blend”, bio-ethanol based E0-E100 and lignin based biodiesel-fueling stations.  As of this writing, these types of stations are not currently available and according to multiple manufacturers, this type of fueling station is not in any kind of development stage.

6.    Medical & Bio-Engineering

As our R&D is biologic related primarily focused on transportation energy, sustainable renewables in agriculture, by this very nature there will be Medical applications as it relates to materials sensing, robotics and bioengineering.

7.    Refinery Development

As of this writing, one of the biggest impacts on the price of transportation fuel is the location and operation of a fossil fuel refinery.  Further research in this area is required to develop the strategic and tactical implications relative to biofuels germane.




This is not your "Grandfather's Gravimetrics" but, rather it is relative to the "Particle and Quatum Theory" context of this particular research interest germane.  To date, scientists have only began to understand Quantum Physics which this segment relates directly.  If we had this ability today, there would be NO need for fuels of any kind for transportation.

Gravimetrics in this context is based upon the contol and/or generation of field based gravity - gravimetric displacement.

If we were able to control gravity in this displacement sense, we would be able to increase or decrease any constant solid's gravitation relative, and therby creating a push-pull or pull-push context.  Either of these contexts is based on the universe's gravity or gravitational context as a whole.  This in itself would be a Quatum Gravimetric Engine.  In theory, this would be a purpetual motor that would never wear out and would supply the entire globe with an unlimited supply of generated energy and locomotion in the earth, on the earth, or in space or other planets.  This is possible in view of Einstiens Quatum, space-time-gravity theories and the fundamental E=mc2 in a more uniform way applying the workings of the universe at both the supergalactic through and to the subatomic level.