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E85 to Gas Parts Comparisons

The FAQs of the matter are this. ALL EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) vehicles that burn regular gasoline ARE compatible with E85.  Why do we think this?  Although we could not get a complete list, 1977-2013, we did get a good swath across the board.  Although this data is certainly NOT all inculsive, it is accurate for this discussion and PROOF that it is more than just likely that ALL EFI vehicles are quite compatible with ethanol. Why?

1. Chemical engineering stipulates that one cannot engineer for just 10% ethanol as demanded by the clean air act of 1974.  Why? Gasoline Evaporates FASTER than Ethanol! (Click for proof).

2. NO manufacturer that employs "Lean Manufacturering" often referred today as Six-Sigma® would run two different part lines for the same part across multiple vehicles.

Q: [GM Parts, 2000 - 2007; 87.5%]
A: [FAQ Answer]

Q: [Ford Parts, 2005 - 2007; 100%]
A: [FAQ Answer]

Q: [Chrysler Parts, 2007; 100%]
A: [FAQ Answer]