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National Transportation Energy Program


NTEP as a 1-2-3 Plan

1.  Sustainable Renewables

The plan begins by impacting demand by converting as many of the ~192,000,00 late model EFI vehicles and light duty trucks into E85 capable Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). This will bolster a substantial increase in the demand for ethanol that is simply not present today and reduce transportation exhaust emissions by ~60% - ~90%. Short term, increasing the demand may also drive the price of E85 up to where it is unreasonable to use E85 relative to the cost at the pump which brings us to the supply issue and solution;

2.  Supply

Supply; to counter the demand related cost issue in NTEP Project I; the solution revolves around forming a coalition of the existing “Corn” ethanol producers to a cellulosic based production and increasing the production of ethanol in the U.S. supports or exceeds the demand created by NTEP Project I. We will also have to obtain “buy-in” from U.S. oil companies’ like Marathon to convert their existing service “islands” into E0-E100 “blending islands”, typically E85;

3.  Distribution

When fully ramped up is via the eighteen U.S. oil companies such as Marathon Oil that have modified their station islands into E0-E85 “blending islands”.

Tangible and intangible net effects/impacts of NTEP in its entirety:

  • 70%-90% reduction in Green House Gases (GHGs). Overall, the entire life-cycle of the NTEP will reduce direct GHG emissions between 48-59% comparative to E0 with carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 30%, toxics content by 13% (mass) and 21% (potency), and tailpipe fine particulate matter (PM) emissions by 50% across the nation and eventually the globe.

  • $700+ Billion per year returned to the U.S.

  • High Paying U.S. Jobs increased by roughly 5,000,000 in new jobs. Current Jobless rate is 3,110,750 for the week ended June 28, the U.S. Labor Department announced... [in July 2008].

  • Reduction in the cost of a gallon of light vehicle & truck fuel to less than $1.00.

  • K85 replacement for Diesel fuel at $2.00 a gallon or less.

  • The threat to U.S. National Security, at least as it relates to foreign oil is over.

  • Our children’s, children will inherit a cleaner more balanced world by the stabilization of the U.S. Economy in these efforts.