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National Transportation Energy Program


Needs & Volunteers

OBSC Needs Volunteers, Help, and Donations with or in these areas:


  1. Any Equipment: Farm, Manufacturing, Home and Commercial Appliances, Engine Lathes, CNC machines, Welders, anything anyone thinks we could use to help move OBSC further, or any metal junk for that matter etc

  2. Volunteers Needed (once funded these would become full time paying positions with Health, Hearing Dental and Eye care and NO deductable, Sweat Equity):

  3. Senior Banking Executive(s), or President who is willing to help guide our financial affairs and help with grant and loan submissions as an Executive Financial Advisor replacing our previous partner with the President Farmers & Savings Bank in Loudonville (2013).

  4. Credentialed Economists.

  5. Executive Director of Research, Support and Sponsored.

  6. Farm Animal Feed.

  7. Farm Labor.

  8. Financial Donations.

  9. Grant Writers. (a tech writer can do this).

  10. Mechanical Engineers.

  11. Farms2Fuels, Ohio BioSystems, Director of BioMass Operations,& E2H2®.

  12. BioFuels/Agricultural Business Development Switchgrass.

  13. Network Engineers/Developers.

  14. Office supplies and personnel.

  15. Ohio MD/DO Executive VP; BioMetrics and Medical Advisor.

  16. Polymer Chemist.

  17. Robotics Engineers.

  18. Software Engineers/Developers.

  19. Technical Writers.

  20. Veterinary services

*****Any Donations (Tax-Deductable) of any kind would be appreciated; we cannot do this by ourselves; help us help everyone else and create high paying High-Tech technical jobs in this area.  Beginning in Ashland, Holmes, Knox, Richland and Wayne counties; moving outward into all 88 counties of Ohio and then into other states beginning with Michigan.