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National Transportation Energy Program



Ohio BioSystems Cooperative, Inc. has been established as a not-for-profit Research and Development entity in Holmes and Ashland Counties, Ohio.


We are a nonprofit think-tank engaged in focused scientific research and development for energy independence. We intend to lead this nation into a renewable and sustainable energy independence through focused scientific knowledge, synergistic collaborations, exact technical know-how through and to the implementation of for-profit spin-offs and when possible or practical the aid and assistance of other renewable energy based business models.


  • We have named this as the National Transportation Energy Program or NTEP with 6 (six) Projects that will remove the National Threat that imported oil possesses. There is a seventh project that is methodologically in the very far future and will only be discussed to lay the groundwork for some enterprising young scientist in the very far future.

  • Our alliances and membership across the United States and the globe support our business model in scientific research, development and implementation by only Local, State, and Federal grant awards. These  alliances and memberships across the United States and the globe support our business model in scientific research, development and implementation by only Local, State, and Federal grant awards.
        These strategic alliances across the continental United States have one single, focused, and nationally effecting goal. We intend to lead this nation into renewable energy independence through experienced scientific knowledge, technical and logistical know-how.

  • Although it will require funding to allow for the research and development; we are specifically a not-for-profit organization focusing on the science to derive and solve the issues and the goals national energy independence and then on a global scale.
        Again, our goal is “renewable energy independence”. In examination of a large portion of the available research our findings indicate that we have over-researched the energy issue by roughly four years.

  • Our research indicates that we already have an energy resource as a renewable material that extensively outperforms corn as a feedstock by nearly seven-fold. Massive amounts of cellulosic material could be produced on roughly 90 million acres of Non-Food Producing, marginal acreage in as little as five years - not to mention the municipal waste that already exists. Our research further indicates that all of the existing corn ethanol plants would be able to use the derived cellulosic based materials with little or NO modifications. In their utilization of the products of these materials, their production capacities would be increased two to ten-fold.
    With our current research calculations, and with “all things being equal”, the US could produce enough ethanol to replace the imported oil for transportation in roughly six-seven years of this writing (2008). In fact, there will probably be surplus ethanol, well more than the 31.3% replacement as it relates to each gallon of imported crude. In this case, what we are proposing is completely renewable and includes Gasoline, Diesel fuel, Jet fuel, and Kerosene alternatives.

  • However, there are demand, supply, and distribution issues that will have to mitigated. In fact, we have solutions to mitigate these issues with existing technology and methods, See About NTEP.